Tokens of Remembrance – Expressing Your Sympathy With Personalised Gifts

The pain of loss runs deep and often words cannot express one’s grief. The death of a loved one is a reality that all of us will experience at some time in our lives. In the midst of our grief, we often find comfort in simple things – a poem, a biblical passage, an object of sentimental value. Personalised gifts can also serve as tokens of remembrance or symbols of the memory of one who’s passed away. Commonly called “sympathy gifts” or “condolence gifts,” there is an entire market for such personalised items. Here are a few examples of gifts that can bring comfort to someone who is grieving. Personalised necklace

Memorial Jewellery: The gift of memorial jewellery is sure to be a keepsake for years to come. Personalised gifts, such as a necklace, serve as beautiful symbols for the wearer to keep their loved one close to their heart. Many necklaces or other personalised gifts of jewellery can be engraved with the name or initials of the lost loved one and often come packaged in beautiful gift boxes. Bracelets, personalised key chains, and charms are just a few examples of other memorial jewellery available to suit your taste.

Memorial Photo Frames: When someone is bereaved, photographs of the person they’ve lost can be particularly comforting. Present your bereaved friend with a cherished photo of their loved one in a personalised picture frame inscribed with a Scripture passage or poem of sympathy and encouragement.

Gifts for Children: It can be especially difficult for children to understand a loved one’s passing and a child’s grief, though just as deep as an adult’s, can often be overlooked. Age-appropriate personalised gifts can be an important part of a child’s grief and healing. Consider giving a child printed crayons or personalised colouring pencils imprinted with a special message from their lost loved one and encourage him or her to express their feelings through their artwork.

Low-Cost Gifts: Condolence gifts need not be expensive to be heartfelt and personal. Something as simple as a promotional pen, for instance, is a unique and special gift. In particular, one of the more eco-friendly printed pens is fashioned with a special pod on one end that contains seeds. Simply place the biodegradable pod in a pot of dirt, water regularly, and watch the flowers grow. Buy these promotional pens in bulk, printed with your loved one’s name or a short message, and share them with family and friends.